Temporary Barricade

What is Temporary Barricade? What makes it different from other types of Fencing?

Temporary Barricade is a type of Temporary Fencing, which is easy to set up and disassemble.

The ‘connect’ system allows the Barricades to link together as a whole, therefore, they can cover a large area. 

This type of Fencing may not be secured firmly to the ground, but it is held intact by sturdy braces that let it stand high and stable.

The product requires minimal storage space and can be relocated easily.


Why Temporary Barricade is needed? What are the benefits of installing it?

The usage of this Fence varies as it has the functionality to be a barrier that holds safety attribute with its color and ‘privacy’ barrier with its height. It is simple to fix and dismantle and has no limitation to its usage.

This type of Fencing is widely used for events, especially outdoor events such as sporting events, parades and festivals.

However, in terms of COVID-19 pandemic, the Fencing can be installed to help passengers comply with Social Distancing requirements.

Due to the advantage in height and the ‘connect’ feature, the Temporary Barricades help to create mixed-use areas, control the crowds and prevent trespassers from entering restricted areas.

Can Hebei Jinbiao Temporary Barricade be customised?

Yes, Hebei Jinbiao offers Customisation for most of our products. Our Customisation progress will follow the procedure below:

  1. Our Fencing specialists will take note of customer specific requirements
  2. The Fencing will be designed based on the information gathered

The Temporary Fencing comes in different colours, therefore the clients have various choices. 

How long can this type of Fencing last?

The product is engineered for a permanent use. Therefore, with just one investment, the product can last permanently without requiring any maintenance work.


Is the Temporary Barricade reusable?

Yes, our Fencing is reusable. Most of our products on site will still produce acceptable performance capability, therefore, this is a cost-effective investment.

The product is easy to move so can be stored after each use and reused for the next time.


Why Hebei Jinbiao is your ideal Temporary Fencing supplier and installer in Singapore and South East Asia?

Noise Control Barrier
  1. Our products are tested rigorously
  2. We have experience working with clients in a variety of industries in both private and public sectors
  3. We use the most qualified materials and emphasize Sustainability in every product
  4. Our team consists of experts who are always willing to assist our clients from consultation to after-purchase 
  5. With our parent company and factory located in China, we guarantee to offer our clients a Factory Direct Price
  6. We offer Customisation, which is not commonly available in the market

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The cost will be different for each project, as every project has different site requirements and specifications. It will also be based on the materials’ costs at the time of quotation.

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Yes, we are not only the supplier but also the installer. With our experience in Temporary Fencing installation, we guarantee to help you install the Fence in the shortest time.

We offer FREE consultation service. No matter if you decide to proceed with us or not, we are very happy to offer you advice on how to solve your noise issues.