4 Incredible Uses of Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is one of the most commonly used types of fences today. You can find them almost anywhere and everywhere. They are distinct in terms of form as they are made of woven wire mesh. Unlike solid concrete fences, mesh fencing is see-through, so people can have a view of what’s on the other side of the protected area.

There are many uses of wire mesh in Singapore. You can spot them on both public and private properties. But what exactly are the uses of mesh fencing? In case you are wondering, below are some of the reasons why they are installed:

1. Security barriers.

Wire mesh in Singapore is popularly used as a security barrier for various types of properties. For example, lands and owners put up mesh fences around their properties. Warehouses and factories are surrounded by wire mesh fencing in addition to concrete barriers.

Wire mesh are preferred security barriers by property owners not only because they are sturdy; they also offer a good view of the area outside the protected space. This makes it easier for security personnel to guard not just the premises, but also keep tabs on potential intruders and other forms of unauthorised entry.

As security barriers, wire mesh can be customised so that they are equipped with surveillance equipment, such as CCTV cameras. They can also be added with barbed wire or anti-climb measures to serve as a deterrent to trespassers.

2. Terrace and roof deck protection.

Another use of wire mesh is for terrace and roof deck protection. In some HDBs and low-cost housing projects, terraces are covered with fences to prevent accidents from taking place.

Wire mesh installed in terraces helps a lot in protecting the lives of pet animals and small children. Meanwhile, wire mesh installed in roof decks makes it safer for tenants to do their activities on the rooftop without being at greater risk of falling and other freak or unexpected accidents.

3. Perimeter fencing.

Wire mesh is also used as a perimeter fence. It is a durable solution to segregate properties of different ownerships. For instance, property owners fence their lots in order to build a right of way or to set limitations as to where they can use the property and prevent going towards areas of public use (such as sidewalks).

Perimeter fencing is also used to protect public places, such as parks, sports arenas, schools, and churches. In schools, these fences are installed to demarcate study and play areas (outdoors). Some churches have perimeter fences installed to dedicate specific activity areas.

In parks and playgrounds, perimeter fences surround these areas also to protect the people staying in them, such as kids playing and visitors roaming around the park.

4. Highway and railway fencing.

Lastly, wire mesh is used in highway and railway fencing. In interstate roads, wire mesh is installed to prevent people and wild animals from crossing and getting hit by a running vehicle.

Wire mesh also helps in preventing damage to the railway tracks. Vehicles passing through the railways may cause damage to the tracks. Debris from storms may also cause wear on the tracks, but these can be prevented from hitting the tracks by means of the surrounding fences.

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