Using Noise Barriers in Outdoor Events

Noise barriers in Singapore outdoor events prove to be useful in mitigating unwanted sound. They are the go-to solution by organisers and venue owners to ensure that the noise levels are within the government’s limits, and more importantly to keep the acoustics at an enjoyable state during the event.

Noise barrier
Noise barrier in Singapore

Outdoor events can be fun and exciting, especially when they are dedicated to special occasions. A lot of people prefer to host their events in outdoor venues as well, since outdoor spaces can accommodate more guests at a lesser cost for utility expenses. The natural ambiance also makes outdoor events more enticing to go to, as they make the activity welcoming to the attendees.

However, outdoor events can be annoying to neighbouring homes and establishments. It’s because these events use speaker systems that generate loud sounds. They have to make the music heard for the guests to enjoy. At the same time, outdoor events use generators and other equipment that also emit loud and discomforting sounds, which can be felt even by people that are not within the venue’s premises.

1. During open-ground concerts.

Concerts held in open ground venues mean that they are intended for big crowds. A lot of people are expected to attend the occasion, especially when the artists are very popular.

Concerts held in open ground are usually located away from suburban areas, but since their sound systems produce extremely loud audio, venue managers prepare to mitigate their acoustics by surrounding the premises with noise barriers.

Noise barriers block the noise from going past the venue’s premises. They also keep the direction of the sound waves within the venue and not go towards different directions.

2. To cover backstage machinery.

There are many types of equipment and machinery used in outdoor events. These include power generators, which provide electricity to on-stage performances, machinery for special effects, audio speakers, etc.

Backstage equipment may be intended for different functions, but they all have one thing in common: they emit uncomfortable sounds. They are not only annoying to the ears, but can cause physical and emotional discomfort too. They can also be felt outside the premises of the event, when not mitigated properly.

Noise barriers can be used to cover backstage equipment. Aside from having reflective properties, these barriers can absorb certain sound features, such as echo and reverb, as these are the proponents of soundwaves that give the feeling of discomfort.

3. Keeping the soundwaves within the venue.

As mentioned above, noise barriers help redirect the soundwaves by keeping them within the venue and not anywhere else. This is very important for activities such as outdoor cinemas, where audiences rely heavily on acoustics to enjoy the movie they are watching.

Keeping the soundwaves within the venue’s space helps enrich the quality of sound being heard. Rather than be diffused in open air, the soundwaves are redirected by the barriers to stay within the venue and not go beyond its boundaries. Audiences then enjoy not just the volume of sound, but as well as its echo and reverb qualities.

There is a growing demand for noise barriers due to their wide variety of uses. They prove to be a cost-effective solution in making outdoor events more enjoyable and less disturbing to its neighbours.

If you happen to be managing a property for outdoor events, or are looking for ways to mitigate outdoor noise, then noise barriers may just be what you need.

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