4 Peerless Benefits of Wire Mesh Fencing and why you should definitely give it a try

Installing quality wire mesh fencing is essential when ensuring the safety of business, industrial, and mixed-use spaces such as parks and playgrounds. This security measure not only keeps a dedicated area shielded from intruders; it also maintains the safety of the people who are within its premises.

Wire mesh fencing
Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing is the best choice for security fencing. It provides everything one needs in a fence in terms of function and design. Compared to other types of fences and barriers, wire mesh fencing offers flexibility of use, durability, and convenience that addresses the security essentials of any business or industrial property owner.

Providers of wire mesh in Singapore can attest to the following benefits of this type of fencing:

1. Durable and reliable design.

Perhaps the best benefit of wire mesh in Singapore is that it provides a strong and safe design. Wire mesh fencing is constructed and installed in such a way that intruders find it difficult to climb over or vandalise its structure. The fence is also tough enough to withstand changing weather conditions such as rain, as well as other practical considerations like balls hitting the mesh, especially when it is set up in an open area such as a park or playground.

The design of wired mesh fencing is also very visible to the naked eye. This makes this barrier form of deterrent to potential intruders since they can be seen by security personnel from within the premises.

The wire mesh is also made of sturdy but malleable material that can be bent in accordance to the user’s needs.

2. Easy to install.

Aside from being malleable, the nature of wire mesh fencing allows for sturdy and easy installation on any type of surface. This type of fencing is versatile and can be used for various uses where security barriers are needed.

Since it is easy to install, it saves you a significant amount of time for set up compared to other types of fencing that are heavier and bulkier, not to mention less flexible. Repairs and alterations on this fencing material can also be done immediately.

Despite its flexibility and malleability, wire mesh fencing is known for its strength and ability to withstand environmental pressure, such as strong winds and blunt force impact. These features make this type of fencing a great choice in spaces where physical activity is often held, such as contact and team sports.

3. It can be used together with other security measures.

One of the most valuable features of wire mesh fencing is that it can be installed and in conjunction with other security measures. It can be set up in such a way that it also accommodates a CCTV system or security lighting.

This feature becomes handy for areas that are used for specific functions and purposes, like open area parties and field demonstrations, sporting events, or mass gatherings where an additional layer of surveillance and security is required.

For business spaces, wire mesh fencing allows security personnel a better view of both the premises under their watch and that of the outside perimeter. This is important especially when the area being guarded contains high-value items targeted by thieves.

4. Less expensive than concrete walling.

Perimeter barriers are important to protect a dedicated open space. While many experts look at concrete walling as a strong and sturdy barrier, it can be expensive to install due to material and labour costs for construction.

Wire mesh fencing offers a more affordable alternative to concrete barriers. This type of fencing is pre-made and customisable, not to mention takes less time to install in a dedicated area.

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