Understanding Outdoor Noise and What You Can Do About It – the best Solution is Installing Noise Barrier

Noise barriers are installed commonly to address Outdoor noise issues. Outdoor noise is common. We can hear it from our homes, our offices, and the other places we go to. It is composed of different sounds coming from different sources without a sense of harmony. This makes these sounds distracting to the ears and annoying to the senses. The thing about outdoor noise is that we don’t have the capacity to control it. Unlike playing music at home or taking charge of the sound system in your office event, outdoor noise comes from various sources that we cannot just tone down. There are ways, though, to mitigate the effects of unwanted sounds coming from the outside, and one of these is to install noise barriers. But first, we should understand what outdoor noise is.

Noise barrier
Noise Barrier

1. Outdoor noise is omnipresent.

Outdoor noise is found everywhere. Once you go out of your home or office, you will hear noises in your surroundings. Some of them may come from your neighbour’s home, or on the traffic jam on the street, or at a commotion nearby.

You can hear all sorts of outdoor sounds not only during daytime; they are present at night as well. Such noise is more common in commercial districts, where establishments are open 24 hours, or on highways where all sorts of vehicles pass by especially during the night (such as trucks).

In essence, there’s no escaping outdoor noise.

2. You can’t just control outdoor noise.

You cannot control outdoor noise. It’s basically because they come from various sources that may or may not be aware that they are creating such sounds. Trains, for instance, generate heavy sounds, but they cannot keep the volume down. The same goes for highway sounds, like cars driving on the streets or people honking during a traffic jam.

Noise is likewise generated in construction sites, concerts, and other events taking place outdoors. This makes it virtually impossible to control their sources at the same time.

3. While the sources of outdoor noise cannot be controlled, the noise itself can be mitigated.

You may not have direct control over the sources of outdoor noise, you can make adjustments to prevent them from severely affecting your wellbeing.

Property owners usually invest in noise barriers to address this problem. These are walls that are installed outside their property to block outdoor noise in different ways.

There are noise barriers that are built with absorptive capacities. These barriers absorb sound waves and significantly reduce the impact of their attributes, such as volume, echo, and reverb.

By having these attributes lessened, you may still hear the noise as it enters your abode, but at a softer volume and minimal echo and reverb.

There are also noise barriers that come with reflective properties. They block outdoor noise by preventing it from passing through their walls. These barriers are capable of making the sound waves bounce back to their immediate surroundings instead of traveling to neighbouring areas.

These noise barriers are usually installed in open ground venues, such as grandstands or arenas where concerts are held. Keeping the sounds in these venues within their space using reflective noise barriers not only prevents the sound waves from traveling; it also improves the acoustic quality while these events are taking place.

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