Best Places to Use Portable Noise Barriers

portable noise barrier

Whether you are working on a construction site or running a large event, controlling noise and creating quiet spaces can be difficult. Portable noise barriers provide an effective and versatile solution to the challenge of reducing sound levels in temporary locations. Not only do portable noise/sound barriers help minimize disturbances from external sources, they also have important safety benefits by highlighting hazardous areas with warnings or preventing distractions where employees work.

  1. Hospitals

Hospitals are one of the best places to use portable sound barriers due to the need for peace and quiet, especially when dealing with delicate medical procedures. Portable noise barriers offer an effective way to reduce unwanted ambient noise in any hospital environment, allowing medical staff and patients to focus on their tasks at hand.

Additionally, hospitals can benefit from the versatility of portable noise barriers as they can be set up quickly and taken down once their use is complete. From surgical rooms that require extra soundproofing, to quiet outdoor waiting areas – portable noise barriers prove helpful in ensuring that all patients receive the peace and privacy they need during their treatment.

  1. Event venues

Event venues have become increasingly popular in the age of social distancing, and one of the main issues with them is managing sound. Fortunately, portable noise barriers can help to reduce the volume of sound and provide a cleaner acoustic experience for everyone in attendance. Portable noise barriers are effective in stemming the spread of sound while also allowing attendees to stay safely socially distanced.

Event venues are an ideal space to employ these acoustic tools since the high mobility of portable noise barriers allows them to be quickly assembled or moved around for different event setups. When paired with other acoustic treatments, such as stage shells, baffles, and acoustical curtains, a well-thought-out sound system can help create an enjoyable and safe atmosphere at any event venue.

  1. Schools

Portable noise barriers are an excellent choice for schools, as they offer a great way to reduce the impact of outside distractions while still allowing space and time to learn. Portable noise barriers have been proven to significantly decrease low-frequency and high-frequency sounds, allowing students and teachers to enjoy a more conducive atmosphere.

Noise blocking can also be employed in specific areas, such as lunchrooms or libraries, when noise control is needed during times of unusually high activity. Additionally, portable noise barriers can easily be moved around various school locations as needed.

Whether installed in a permanent fashion or utilized on a temporary basis, portable noise barriers are an ideal solution for providing respite from outside disruption without putting up traditional soundproofing products.

  1. Parks

Parks provide unique moments for visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature, but can also be impacted by noise from bustling city life and nearby businesses. Portable noise barriers are an excellent way to quickly decrease environmental noise in parks. They can be placed alongside a sound wall or fence to help reduce the external sound and allow visitors to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of their park visit.

Additionally, portable noise barriers placed around playgrounds or athletic fields are great at blocking out loud engine noises making them ideal destinations for a melodic respite from urban life.

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