4 Different Types of Anti-Climb Fences and what you definitely need to know about them

Unlike other types of fences, anti-climb fences increase the security levels in your property. They safeguard your property against stray animals and trespassers. They also make it more difficult for people and animals to climb over and jump to your property because of their design and make.

Anti-climb fence
Anti-climb Fences

Did you know that there are different types of anti-climb fences? It is therefore important that you are aware of the different anti-climb fencing structures in the market, so you know which among them would suit best for the property you intend to protect.

Different type of Anti-climb fences is for a different purpose. Based on your requirements and needs, a fence contractor will assist you in choosing the most suitable fence.

If you are currently planning to set up protective measures for your property, then below are some of the most common anti-climb fences you can find:

Wood hoarding

Wood fencing is a popular type of anti-climb fence, as it is sturdy and opaque enough to shield an area from unwanted entry. Wooden fences can be used as both permanent and temporary barriers, depending on how they are constructed.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fences are galvanised steel wires that are interlocked in a way that they look and function like a net. They are graded according to gauge number, and these numbers are used as indicators to where they are best suited for. For instance, wires of nine gauges are best for commercial and residential properties, while thicker wires are intended for sturdier fencing.

Chain link fencing is common not only because it is durable, but it is also cost-effective and easily customisable. It is also low maintenance, for you can just cut and replace broken wires whenever necessary.

Heras fencing

Another common type of anti-climb fence is the Heras fencing. Used often in temporary gatherings and events, it can be installed and disassembled easily. They are also available in different variants such as heavy-duty anti-climb and the non-secure anti-climb. They can be stored and used over and over, or whenever the need arises.

Mesh panels

Anti-climb mesh panels meanwhile are also lightweight, easy to install, and have good aesthetics. These see-through panels are also secure and robust, despite their transparency.

Property owners usually go for anti-climb mesh for a good number of reasons. For one, it is easy to handle and construct. Once assembled, it can also be added with extra features for heightened security such as barbed wire CCTV cameras.

The transparency of anti-climb mesh also makes it easier for guards and security personnel to monitor the premises of your property. They have better sightings of potential intruders, or guests that come unannounced. Being able to see the area likewise alerts guards on how to handle the situation and gauge whether the intruder may or may not cause harm.

A few notes when selecting an anti-climb fence

When choosing an anti-climb fence for your property, you may want to determine first the security needs of your property. Does it need heightened security or just a deterrent against possible intruders? Do you intend to install additional security measures on the fence? By knowing what your security needs are, the better you can decide on which type of anti-climb fencing to use.

The second thing to consider before buying anti-climb fences for your properties is choosing a reliable Fence contractor, since they do not just provide you with the products, they also help you to install and ensure maintenance for the fences after purchasing. Even though pricing is important, quality of the fences should be the top priority, as cheaper fences may not be able to sustain for a long term.

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