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Partnership: Closing The Gap

A hand to hand effort among-st a few parties if not two when management system is concerned.

It is a very very very different style of work compared to a normal approach that is very common in construction company for many years. However with the increase in modernity, specialization and also the rise of development,it makes partnering much needed to achieve a specific level of quality in the project.

Though quality in project would mean very little in a smaller prospective, however when looked at a larger picture, it makes possible to achieve far greater value for money for the client, higher profits for the companies involved, improved quality and more predictability of project completion.

Partnership Components:

  • an agreed set of mutual objectives (clear understanding)
    • with collaboration on the way, an understanding is a must as all parties work towards the same objectives.

  • work undertaken in a spirit of trust and co-operation
    • relationship, a positive one, has always got to have trust involved. Trust eliminates the barrier of uncertainty and allows work to be done more efficiently.

  • an agreed problem resolution procedure
    • a procedure is created such that it allows work to be done efficiently. With this set of procedure, it is like a blue print that allows any issue faced to be resolved the same way, which is the best way.

  • open book pricing
    • where business comes to play, profit and loss management will always come to play. Open book pricing does not mean that the price have to be set out open for all to see BUT both parties have to make known that though profits have to be present, any pricing has be beneficial for all and no one looses out.

  • a commitment to continuous improvement.
    • partnership is all about moving forward, together. Improvement might be slow at the start with companies trying to cancel out each other’s issue but the main thing here is continuous improvement be it fast or slow.

    • the idea behind partnership is to fill up the gap that a stand alone company face. However when the gap is to big, making a decision to not form this alliance is crucial as like we all know, the main idea is to move forward and not get pulled back.

All in all, partnership is a crucial stage in a company where one has to decide before hand, what is missing that creates the gap and what is its strength. Knowing its strength will create that USP (Unique Selling Point) to the other company. While strength matters a lot, one’s weakness is also crucial to made known because a partnership that does not handle the gap would only mean that the partnership is not as beneficial as it could be.

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