4 Ways Noise Pollution Affects Your Health

Every day, you are exposed to an incredible amount of noise. From the sound of traffic driving down your street to the hum of a coffee shop’s blaring music, it can be difficult to escape all this unwanted noise pollution. Unfortunately, there is more than just that pesky ringing in your ears at stake when you’re surrounded by too much noise – it also has an effect on your health. While we may not always realize it, small amounts of noise exposure throughout our day can actually have a surprisingly large impact on our overall well-being and physical and mental state. Below are some of the ways noise pollution affects one’s health:

Noise pollution
Reduce noise pollution

1. It induces stress and anxiety.

Noisy environments may be harmful to your mental health. People living with noise pollution can experience increased anxiety, stress, irritation and anger as a result of permanent exposure for prolonged periods of time. This is because the brain cannot stop monitoring sounds for signs of danger which leads it to trigger these feelings in response even during sleep when noises are not present at all times so you can rest mentally well-rested instead feeling on edge or frustrated by loud noisy surroundings that tend to make people feel irritated more often than they should.

If this happens then, one might consider looking into other places where their surrounding environment does not contain much sound pollution like parks or nature trails etcetera (or homes away from busy city areas).

2. Damaged hearing faculties.

Excessive exposure to high-intensity sound waves can disturb the fluid in your ear canal, which interferes with communication between the ears and brain. This disturbance destroys tiny hairs located at the base of cochlea that send signals whenever sounds enter our ears. Once these hair follicles are destroyed by loud noises, you may experience hearing loss after 50% have died out because no other cells will be able to take over their function for transmitting auditory stimuli.

Research has also shown that people who cannot control noise levels face an increased risk of damaging memory or reading power as a result if they don’t protect themselves against excessive sound intensity.

3. Problems in maintaining conversations or socialising with others.

Interacting in a noisy environment can be stressful and overwhelming. This is why many people prefer to keep their lives simple by staying away from the machines that make noise, such as factories or power tools. However, if you do have to work with loud machinery, your days may seem longer than they actually are because of how difficult it becomes for you to communicate with others around you.

4. Increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Noise pollution is a serious issue that can increase an individual’s risk of cardiovascular diseases by 300%. A decade back, scientists from the University of Gothenburg found out that high noise levels raise pulse rates and cause blood vessels to constrict. This makes individuals vulnerable to heart attacks or hypertension if they are exposed to such noises for more than 8 hours per day.

How noise barriers can help

Noise barriers are seen as an effective solution in addressing noise pollution. They can mitigate noise coming from various sources by up to 90% depending on the type and built.

These barriers are now being employed by both public and private construction firms to control unwanted sounds from spreading to areas where peace and quiet is highly regarded. These include schools, churches, offices, and residential areas.

With noise barriers installed, the risks of experiencing the adverse effects of noise pollution can be significantly reduced not only at the present, but also in the future.

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