How to Choose a Wire Mesh Fence?

The wire mesh fence is one of the most durable and effective ways to protect your property or garden. The majority of the properties in Singapore have some sort of fencing. Choosing the right type of wire mesh Singapore is a tricky decision especially when you are a first-time buyer.

The famous saying of “good fences make good neighbors” seems accurate in situations where you need to protect the boundaries. Every homeowner needs appropriate arrangements to protect his privacy and property.

wire mesh fence

What is a wire mesh fence?

Wire mesh in Singapore is widely used as a protection barrier. The fence is basically made of electrically welded wire strands. These wire strands form a mesh-like structure that is installed around the garden or any other space.

How to choose a wire mesh fence?

There are certain factors in wire mesh that determine the durability and quality of the fence. In this article, we are going to explore the different aspects from an expert’s view. Here are the most important things that you need to notice while choosing the wire mesh for your property. 

  • Quality of the welded material-The durability of the wire mesh fence depends upon the quality of the material that is welded in form of mesh. The welding process may vary depending upon the selection of the manufacturer. Either the welding process is done manually or with heavy machines, the end product should be of premium quality.
  • Product framework-The use of material depends upon the manufacturer. Some companies use angled steel while some stick to round steel. Different factors like the type of metal used, welding procedure, thickness of the mesh, and wire diameter keep varying for different applications.
  • Application of the fence-There are different applications of the fence. You can only buy the right product if you have clear requirements about the installation. Are you going to use the fence as a security barrier, or as a perimeter fence? Do you want better durability or aesthetic values? Consider different points for a more informed decision.
  • Spray process-Apart from the security purpose, wire mesh Singapore installation is meant to add value to the aesthetics too. The end product is still not worth it if high-quality material is sprayed with cheap paint. Little details are overlooked in the spraying process and you can easily identify poor spray jobs. Always check the paint quality along with other inspection points. High-quality products come with consistent and uniform paint patterns.

Cost of wire mesh fence

The cost of the product still remains an important part of the buying process. The quality of the product defines the price. Analyse the different options available in the market and inspect the fence for all mentioned points. Get estimates from different manufacturers and always go for the best and most affordable product for higher ROI.

Final note

These are only a few points that can help you to choose the right wire mesh fence. The final decision is purely based on your personal choices. Invest your time and money in products that are durable and offer a better sense of security.

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