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Demolition in Singapore is Not What You Think

Ever wonder what goes about during the ‘demolition’ stage?

Many wonder how that whole set of the old Funan IT mall goes missing after a matter of days. It seemed like a magic act as the buildings got wrapped with the Noise Reduction Net and then disappear into thin air.

However, it is more complicated than it seems and much more work has to be placed into it. Demolition in Singapore is unlike how we imagine demolition to be.

Demolition: dɛməˈlɪʃn/


noun: demolition; plural noun: demolitions

the action or process of demolishing or being demolished.

“the monument was saved from demolition”

Many would assume demolition would mean using explosive to bring a building down, however, it is nothing like it when you are talking about Singapore’s context.

These days, demolition projects are often accompanied by the usage of Noise mitigation product such as the Noise Reduction Net. The product is usually ‘wrapped’ around the building and up till now, the solution implemented is the most efficient.

Though the performance of the Noise Reduction Net is not as high as its counterparts (i.e Temporary Noise Control Barrier), it serves a duo purpose. The Noise Reduction Net is quite effective when it comes to demolition works because it is used to wrap buildings with a simple method of securing.

Such technique allows noise to be enclosed inside and the most valuable property of it all is its capability to withhold dust from escaping and affecting the public.

Hebei Jinbiao has been supplying Noise Reduction Net for quite some time. In the market, especially in South East Asia, there are mainly three kinds of gsm – grams per square meter. And only with us that you can find a material that is durable yet cost-effective at 1200GSM.

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